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PivotTable III: Calculate data in PivotTable reports in Excel 2007

Click Play to view an animation showing how to change the summary function from SUM to COUNT.

You want to change the report from adding the sales amounts to counting the number of sales made by each salesperson over the year. You can do that by changing from SUM to COUNT the summary function used in the Values area of the report.

To change the function, you right-click anywhere in the Values area of the report, which is the area under the heading "Sum of Sales Amount." You point to Summarize Data By, and then click Count. The numbers switch from a sum of the values to a count of the values. The title above the numbers changes from "Sum of Sales Amount" to "Count of Sales Amount."

You can then sort the orders to make it easy to see who had the most orders. To do that, you right-click in the subtotal for any of the salespeople, point to Sort, and then click Sort Largest to Smallest. Peacock is first, with a grand total of 100 orders, followed by King with 74, and then Leverling with 73.

Click Play to see how to change the summary function.

Tip     To switch back to a sum of the orders, right-click in the Values area again, point to Summarize Data By, and click Sum.

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