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Use formulas to edit, correct, and proofread text

Text from cell A2 displayed in formula bar and formula from cell B2 displayed in formula bar

Callout 1 The formula bar shows the text stored in cell A2.
Callout 2 The formula bar shows the formula stored in cell B2.

Once you had a tidy new group of names, you wouldn't need the untidy old one. You could delete the old group by pasting the new group over it. At the same time, you could also delete the formulas stored in column B. Although column B now appears to contain text, clicking on any of those names would show a formula in the formula bar Formula bar, as you can see in the illustration. Because column B actually contains formulas, you could not copy or sort text there.

In the practice session at the end of the lesson, you'll see that you can complete this entire process in less time than it takes to list the steps:

  • You would copy the names in column B.
  • Then you would click cell A2, click the arrow to the right of the Paste button Button image on the Standard toolbar, and click Values to paste the capitalized names, but not their formulas.
  • Then you would delete the contents of column B.
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