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Use formulas to edit, correct, and proofread text

Copying formula down column

Callout 1 Select cell B2 to display the black cross fill handle.
Callout 2 Drag the fill handle from the cell containing the formula down the column.
Callout 3 Release the fill handle at the bottom of the column.

To change the rest of the names the same way, it would be faster to copy the formula you just used than to type a new formula to revise each name.

You would select cell B2, which contains the formula you want to copy, then position the mouse pointer over the lower-right corner of the cell until the black cross (+) appears.

Next, you would drag the fill handle Fill handle down the column, stopping at the bottom of cell B8. The formula moves with the fill handle and uses the text in the rows it is dragged to. When you release the fill handle, all the revised names appear in column B. You might make these changes as accurately yourself, but you'd never be as fast.

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