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Use formulas to edit, correct, and proofread text

Using EXACT function to compare text in two cells

Callout 1 Formula in the worksheet.
Callout 2 Formula result in the worksheet.

Imagine that the names in a master worksheet have been copied into another worksheet. Time has passed, changes may have occurred, and you want to compare the two groups of names to find any differences.

You would copy the second group of names into the master worksheet, and then you would type this formula in cell C2:


The EXACT function compares the text in two cells. It displays TRUE if the cell contents are exactly the same, or FALSE if they are not. The EXACT function is case-sensitive (that is, it sees capital letters as different from small letters), but it ignores formatting differences such as bold or italic.

The formula result is FALSE, because "Davolio" is spelled differently in cells A2 and B2.

To compare the rest of the names, you would copy the formula down the column.

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