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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

You've created a chart. Now you need to compare data another way. To do this, you must create a second chart.



What must you do to refresh a chart when you revise the worksheet data that the chart displays?



Press F6.

You create a chart. But later on you don't see the Chart Tools. What do you do to get them back?

Create another chart.

Click the Insert tab.

Click inside the chart.

You can't change the chart type after you create a chart.



You want to add data labels above each column to show a value for each column. How can you do this? (You learned this in the practice.)

Add the labels manually.

Change the chart style.

Change the chart layout.

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