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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Using Chart Styles on Design tab to change colors in chart

Change the look of your chart by using a chart style to change colors.

When you first create your chart, it's in a standard color. By using a chart style, you can apply different colors to a chart in just seconds.

Click in the chart. Then on the Design tab, in the Chart Styles group, click the More button Button image to see all the choices, and then click the style you want. Some of the styles change just the color of the columns. Others change the color and add an outline around the columns, while other styles add color to the plot area (the area bounded by the chart axes), and some styles add color to the chart area (the entire chart).

If you don't see what you want in the Chart Styles group, you can get other color choices by selecting a different theme. Click the Page Layout tab and then click Colors in the Themes group. When you rest the pointer over a color, the color is shown in a temporary preview on the chart, which is different from what happens when you look at a chart style. You see the color's effect before you apply it, saving you the step of undoing it if you don't like it. Click the one you like to apply it to the chart.

Important     Unlike a chart style, the colors from a theme will be applied to other elements you might add to the worksheet. For example a table, or a cell style such as a heading, will take on the colors of the theme applied to the chart.

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