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Charts I: How to create a chart in Excel 2007

Using Switch Row/Column button on Design tab to see different views of same data

Different views of the same worksheet data.

You can do more with your data than create one chart. You can make your chart compare data another way by clicking a button to switch the chart view from one view to another.

The chart you created compares salespeople to each other. Excel grouped data by worksheet columns and compared worksheet rows to show how each salesperson compares against the others. This is shown in the chart on the left in the picture.

But another way to look at the data is to compare sales for each salesperson, month over month. To create this view of the chart, click Switch Row/Column in the Data group on the Design tab. In the chart on the right, data is grouped by rows and compares worksheet columns. Now the chart says something different: It shows how each salesperson did, month by month compared against themselves.

You can switch the chart back to the original view by clicking Switch Row/Column again.

Tip     To keep both views of the data, select the second view of the chart, copy it, and then paste it on the worksheet. Then switch back to the original view of the chart by clicking in the original chart and clicking Switch Row/Column.

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