Missing Cheques report: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

The Missing Cheques report shows all the recorded cheques for a specific period of time only if there is a missing cheque number in that period, or if there is a break in the numbering sequence. You can use the Missing Cheques report to track which manual cheques have not been entered into the accounting system. When there is a gap in the numerical sequence, the report displays Missing cheque Number. The cheque lists are grouped by bank account. The information in this report includes cheque dates, cheque numbers, amounts, cleared status and memo information. The report displays the current month-to-date period, but you can modify the period by using the Date toolbar or the Select Filter Options dialog box.

In the Missing Cheques report, you can do the following:

  • Double-click a row to open the original transaction form for that line item.

 Note   If you open a report and edit an underlying document, you need to refresh the report to see the effect of your changes. Click Refresh Report  Button Image on the toolbar or press F5.

When you move the mouse cursor over information that is linked to additional details, the cursor changes to a pointing finger. This indicates you can double-click that location to display associated information, such as opening the original transaction document.

To open this report, point to Banking on the Reports menu, and then click Missing Cheques.

The following table provides links to topics that describe additional ways in which you can work with this report.

To learn how to See this topic
Modify the appearance of the report. Modify a report
Filter the report to focus on specific areas. Report filter options: Missing Cheques
Export the report for further analysis. Export a report to Microsoft Office Excel
Print the report. Print a report
Save the format of the report after you have customised it. Save a report

Foreign currency

When Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 is set up to use foreign currency, this report displays the amounts in the account currencies. In addition, the report changes to include columns that show the three-letter code for the account currencies and the amount in pounds sterling (GBP).

For more information about using foreign currency in Office Accounting 2008, see About using foreign currencies.

Applies to:
Accounting 2008