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Import data from Excel to a new table in Access 2007

The import wizard, screen 3

These changes are optional

The third screen of the wizard gives you several options, and the picture shows them:

Callout 1 If you need to change any column names, click the column and enter a new name in the Field Name box.
Callout 2 If you search a column frequently, and that column has a lot of data, click the column, and from the Indexed list, select Yes. Indexing a column can make it easier and faster to find data.
Callout 3 You can also set a data type for each field, though Access will do that for you. In Access, data types control what you can enter into a field. For example, you can't enter text in a field set to contain numbers, and that helps keep your data accurate. And then...
Callout 4 If you want to remove a column from the import operation, select the Do not import field (Skip) check box. After you make your changes, click Next.
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