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Up to speed with Access 2007

Form command on Create tab, and Form Layout Tools with Format tab

Create a form in a heartbeat, format it to your heart's content.

To create a new form in Access 2007, click the Create tab and then click Form. Simple. Access bases the new form on the existing database object that you already have open, or that you have selected in the Navigation Pane.

The new form opens in Layout view, and the Ribbon offers you Form Layout Tools with two tabs, Format and Arrange. (The Form Layout Tools appear on the Ribbon only when they can be used.) The commands on those tabs make changing the appearance of controls and labels so easy, the trick is knowing when to stop. Best of all, you preview the changes as you make them. If you don't like a change, undo it: CTRL+Z or the Quick Access Toolbar button Button image.

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