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Make the switch to Word 2010

Home tab in Word 2010 with KeyTips displayed

KeyTips replace keyboard shortcuts in Word 2010. Press ALT to make KeyTips appear for all ribbon tabs, and then press the KeyTip for the tab that you want to display.

Okay, keyboard people, this section is for you. You should know that with the ribbon design, there are a few updates to keyboard shortcuts.

First off, don’t worry: Shortcuts that start with the CTRL key — for example, CTRL+C for copy, or CTRL+ALT+1 for Heading 1 — remain the same as in previous versions of Word.

But the ribbon design comes with new shortcuts. Why? Because this change brings two big advantages over previous versions:

  • Shortcuts for every single button on the ribbon.
  • Shortcuts that often require fewer keys.

The new shortcuts also have a new name: KeyTips. Press ALT to make the KeyTips appear for all ribbon tabs and Quick Access Toolbar commands.

Then you can press the KeyTip for the tab you want to display; for example, press H for the Home tab, as shown here. This makes all the KeyTips for that tab's commands appear. Then you can press the KeyTip for the command you want.

You get to Backstage view roughly the same way you used to open the File menu: For example, ALT+F opens the menu; ALT+F+A opens Save As; and ALT+F+P opens Print.



You can still use the ALT+ shortcuts that access menus and commands in previous versions of Word, but because the earlier menus are not available, you'll have no screen reminders of what letters to press, so you need to know the full shortcut to use them.

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