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Customize your toolbars and menus

New Toolbar dialog box with the Customize dialog box in the background

Create a new toolbar.
Callout 1 Open the Customize dialog box.
Callout 2 On the Toolbars tab, click New.
Callout 3 Enter a name for the new toolbar.

Creating a new toolbar is a great idea if you use just a few buttons from lots of toolbars. Rather than having a large proportion of the window taken up with toolbars, have one personal toolbar that contains everything you use most often.

The best bit about having your own toolbar is having all the commands that you need instantly available. And, you don't have to remove buttons from existing toolbars, you can just copy buttons onto your new toolbar. So experiment a little and work out which buttons you really need—you can always change them.

You create a new toolbar on the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box. When you click the New button, the New Toolbar dialog box opens, and you can then type in a name for the toolbar. The new toolbar will not have any buttons on it.

You then need to add buttons to it as described in the last lesson. You can also add customized commands to your toolbar. Read on for more details.

To rename or delete your toolbar, select it in the Toolbars list in the Customize dialog box and click either the Rename or the Delete button.

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