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Customize your toolbars and menus

Formatting toolbar menu opening from the Toolbar Options button

Callout 1 Click the Toolbar Options button.
Callout 2 Click Add or Remove Buttons.
Callout 3 Click the toolbar name.
Callout 4 The toolbar menu opens.

There is a quick way to add or remove buttons on an existing toolbar by using the Toolbar Options button. It works for every toolbar and offers you all the buttons that are available for the type of commands associated with that toolbar. So, the Toolbar Options button on the Pictures toolbar would show you all the buttons available for working with pictures.

To use this feature, click the button on the toolbar you wish to alter, click Add or Remove Buttons and then the toolbar name. The list of available buttons then appears; the buttons that are presently on the toolbar have a check mark next to them.

To add a button to the toolbar, click the button name, and a check mark will appear. To remove a button, click the button name and the check mark will disappear. It's easy.

To close the button list, just click somewhere else in the window.

You will find out in the next lesson how to move buttons between toolbars.

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