About EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) diagrams

EPC (Event-Driven Process Chain) Diagram

EPC diagrams illustrate business process work flows, and are an important component of the SAP R/3 modeling concepts for business engineering. EPC diagrams use graphical symbols to show the control flow structure of a business process as a chain of events and functions. Using the EPC Diagram template in Microsoft Office Visio, you can quickly and easily create a high-level, visual model of your business process.

The building blocks used in EPC diagrams are:

Functions, which are the basic building blocks of the diagram. Each function corresponds to an executed activity.Events, which occur before and/or after a function is executed. Functions are linked by events.Connectors, which associate activities and events. There are three types of connectors: AND, OR, and exclusive OR (XOR).

Once completed, you can use the EPC diagram as a reference for modeling the SAP R/3 system.

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