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Hyperlinks I: The basics

A FrontPage Web site

When you open or create a FrontPage Web site, the Web Site tab appears at the top.

Once you've created an intricate Web of hyperlinks, it can be rather challenging to update all of those links when you have to rename a file or move a file in your Web site.

Thankfully, FrontPage makes this process easier and lets you update links across many Web pages automatically. However, this can't be done on just any old Web site. You can only use these time-saving features on a FrontPage Web site.

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Before you try updating hyperlinks automatically, you need to make sure you open a FrontPage Web site first.

A FrontPage Web site (also known as a FrontPage Web) is a site created or opened within FrontPage.

For more information on FrontPage Web sites, see the course Create a Web site with FrontPage.

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