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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

The Ribbon in a new appointment, 5 mintues selected in Reminder list

Outlook isn't just about e-mail. It's also about organizing your time, which you do in the calendar. When you create or open an item in your calendar, you'll see that the Ribbon shows groups and commands appropriate for helping you manage your time.

When you create any type of calendar entry, a reminder is set automatically. To change the reminder time for an appointment, do this:

Callout 1 On the Appointment tab, click the arrow to open the Reminder list and then select a time.
Callout 2 Once you've made a change, click Save & Close on the far left of the Ribbon.

Note    The way that you set the standard reminder time for all appointments has not changed. You still do that by clicking Options on the Tools menu in the main Outlook window, and then setting the default time on the Preferences tab, under Calendar.

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