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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

New button, new e-mail message, Send button selected

Suppose it's time to write and send your first e-mail message using the new Outlook. What do you need to know?

Some things haven't changed

Well, the first thing to know is that to get started you don't need to know anything new. All of the old ways to get started still work: whether you prefer to use the New button or press CTRL+N, you'll just do what you've always done.

In the new message, you'll need to get oriented to the Ribbon. You'll see the Message tab on top, which contains the commands and buttons that you're most likely to use every time you create and send a message.

Using other tabs

If you're having trouble finding a command or a button, you may need to look on another tab. For example, to insert a picture so that it appears in line with the text of your message (not as a separate attachment), you'll need to switch to the Insert tab.

Note    This isn't completely new, but it's something to be aware of: Certain groups and buttons will be available only when the insertion point is in the body of the e-mail message. For example, formatting commands on the Basic Text tab won't be available when the insertion point is in the To field or the Subject field; to use those commands, you need to move the insertion point to the body of the message.

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