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So that's how! Great Word features

The Reading Layout toolbar

The Reading Layout toolbar.

When you are in reading layout view, the Reading Layout toolbar opens with a number of helpful buttons that you can use, such as the Save, Print, and Find buttons. But there are also some specialized buttons, some of which you'll see in the practice session:

Callout 1 Document Map: Displays all the headings in a document on the left side of the window, so that you can easily find a particular area of the document.
Callout 2 Thumbnails: Displays several pages of the document on the left side of the window in thumbnail format.
Callout 3 Research: Opens the Research task pane at the right side of the window, so that you can look up information as you work through the document.
Callout 4 Increase and Decrease Text Size: Two buttons that give you the ability to make the text larger or smaller for reading purposes only, without changing the font size.
Callout 5 Actual Page: Lets you see what the document would look like if you printed it. This is similar to print layout view.
Callout 6 Allow Multiple Pages: Lets you look at two pages side by side, as you do when you read a book. This setting is on by default, but it does depend on your window size.
Callout 7 Close: Gets you out of reading layout view—just click this button.

The Reviewing toolbar, for tracking changes, is also open by default in reading layout view.

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