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Workflows IV: Include someone outside your company

If you are using a Word document in the Collect Feedback workflow, the best way to get an outside participant's changes integrated into the library is to merge the two files. Click the word Play above this illustration. The animation will show you exactly how to do this.

Animation description:

At a document library, Ellen clicks the New button, and then clicks Folder. She names the folder External files.

Ellen hovers over the Marketing Strategy file, clicks the down arrow, and then clicks Workflows.

Ellen clicks the Collect Feedback link, and specifies e-mail addresses for,, and She types a message, specifies a deadline, and then clicks Start.

Amy, Brian, and Ellen receive e-mail messages.

Cassie does too, but her e-mail message has an attachment of the file: Marketing Strategy.docx.

Cassie reads the document, types feedback into the document, and then replies to Ellen saying, "I changed the title of this document."

Ellen receives Cassie's reply. She reviews Cassie's document, then saves it to the External files folder and names it Cassie - Marketing Strategy.docx, and then closes the file.

She then clicks the Review tab in Word, clicks Compare, and then Combine.

On the left, she selects Marketing Strategy.docx. On the right, she specifies Cassie - Marketing Strategy.docx. She clicks More, and then clicks Original document.

She then clicks the Edit this task button, and then types, "Cassie provided feedback in a separate file. I integrated her changes into the original. I also saved her version of the file to the External files folder - Ellen"

Ellen then clicks the Send Feedback button.

The word Completed appears next to the file in the document library. The workflow is complete.

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