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Outlook and RSS: Internet information delivered to your Mailbox

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Outlook can be used as an RSS reader, which means that you can use it to receive, read, and even forward news items as easily as you receive, read, and forward e-mail messages.



When you first set up a Feed in Outlook, items that you receive via that Feed are delivered here:

Your Inbox.

A folder under the RSS Feeds folder.

The Junk E-mail folder.

Suppose you find an icon for a Feed using Internet Explorer 7. By clicking it, and clicking one or two times more, you'll subscribe to the Feed in Outlook too.



Once you've copied the location of the Feed, what's an easy way to get it to appear in this box?

New RSS Feeds dialog box with URL from training steps pasted into text box

Right-click and then click Paste.

Press CTRL+V.

Type the location manually.

Your head is full from a certain Feed and you're ready to stop the Feed. What are your choices?

Stop the Feed but keep the items you've received so far.

Stop the Feed and delete the items you've received so far.

Both of the above.

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