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Navigation know-how

Other Task Panes menu

Use the task pane menu to navigate.
Callout 1 Click the Other Task Panes arrow to open the menu.
Callout 2 Click any task pane on the menu.

The tall narrow sections that open on the right of the window in Microsoft Office programs when you click certain commands are called task panes. You know them as areas that group options, links, clip art, layout and template thumbnails, and the like. A lot of your editing is done in task panes, and it's common to have to switch between them as you work.

Fortunately, some built-in automation and navigation help you do this. Suppose you insert a new slide, which launches the Slide Layout task pane, and you click in this task pane to change the layout.

You can navigate from here to your next task—for example, applying a design template—without leaving the task pane area. Just click the Other Task Panes arrow on the right side of the task pane title bar, and select Slide Design to open that task pane.

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