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Outlook and RSS: Internet information delivered to your Mailbox

Open RSS article with numbers on different parts of it

Here we've shown what an RSS Feed article will look like when you open it in Outlook (a lot like an e-mail message, really). We've called out a few parts that you'll find useful:

Callout 1 When the article was posted.
Callout 2 The Author, which is where Outlook puts the title of the Feed. (The information here should give you a clue about where the Feed came from.)
Callout 3 The subject of the article.
Callout 4 A summary and a link to the full article so you can read it if you choose.

Tip    You may find that after subscribing to a Feed you get lots more in your Mailbox than you used to. You can keep your Mailbox tidy by using the AutoArchive feature in Outlook to store all but the most current articles. We've included a link to information about how to do that in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this lesson.

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