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Navigation know-how

Shortcut menu opened from a slide thumbnail

Callout 1 Right-click the slide thumbnail to see a shortcut menu.
Callout 2 Use commands on the shortcut menu to do handy things like insert a new slide or change a slide's layout.

When PowerPoint opens, its default view includes a single slide thumbnail in the left part of the window. This part is the Slides tab. As you add slides, they appear in the tab, and you can work with them here. What's not as obvious is the shortcut menu on the slide thumbnails, and what it helps you do.

For example, one of the first things you need for a new show is more slides. To use the shortcut menu to add them, you right-click the thumbnail, then click New Slide. Your next slide is inserted and the focus never shifts from the Slides tab.

This menu contains other convenient commands. To apply a design template right away, click Slide Design and choose a template. Or if you change your mind about a slide layout, click Slide Layout to choose a new one—and avoid the trip to the Format menu.

Tip     You will also find many of these commands on a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a slide in the slide pane. You need to right-click outside a placeholder—the dotted box that holds text or other slide items—to see these commands on the menu.

Keyboard tips

CTRL+M inserts a new slide (with a title and list layout).

CTRL+D copies and pastes the currently selected slide.

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