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Get to know Excel 2007: Enter formulas

Formulas displayed on the worksheet

Formulas displayed on the worksheet.

You can print formulas and put them up on your bulletin board to remind you how to create them.

To print formulas, you need to display formulas on the worksheet. You do this by clicking the Formulas tab, and in the Formula Auditing group, clicking Show Formulas Button image. You'll see how in the practice session at the end of the lesson. You'll need Excel 2007 to do the practice steps.

Then click the Microsoft Office Button Button image in the upper left, and click Print.


  • Hide the formulas on the worksheet by repeating the step to display them.
  • You can also press CTRL+` (the ` key is next to the 1 key on most keyboards) to display and hide formulas.
  • Displaying formulas can also help you spot errors.
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