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Create your first presentation

Process of going into and out of slide show view

Opening, viewing, and escaping slide show view.
Callout 1 To open slide show view, select the first slide, and then click the Slide Show button. (Or just press F5 to always start on slide 1.)
Callout 2 The computer screen here shows slide show view, with the Slide Show toolbar appearing on the lower left. This toolbar has two navigation arrows and two menus.
Callout 3 If you don't want to click through all the slides, press ESC to return to your last view in PowerPoint.

As you create a show, preview it at any time in slide show view. As shown in the picture, this view fills the computer screen with your slides. This is an approximation of how the slides will look when projected.

To navigate through the show, you have several choices:

  • Click the mouse.
  • Press the DOWN ARROW key.
  • Click the Next arrow on the Slide Show toolbar (see the arrow selected on the computer screen in the picture).

By default, PowerPoint assumes that the show will be presented by a speaker and projected on a screen. But there are other ways to present: You'll see how to set these up in the practice session.

For in-depth instructions about navigation in a slide show, see the course Navigation know-how.

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