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Send and receive photos and attachments with confidence

Picture options in the Attachment Options task pane

The Picture options area of the Attachment Options task pane lets you change the size of pictures that you send.

One common mistake people make when they send graphics files, such as JPEG photograph files, is to send them without first reducing their file size. The problem is compounded by the way pictures are broken up and transmitted in e-mail. Thus, when sent, a message with a 500 KB picture could become a 750 KB message.

Why is this bad? Big messages can cause big problems: they take longer to send and receive, and take up space in your mailbox; in addition, some e-mail service providers restrict the size of messages you can send or receive, so a message with a big file may not reach its destination.

Outlook can help with this. When you attach JPEG or other graphics files to a message, Outlook gives you some choices in the Picture options section of the Attachment Options pane. These options allow you to reduce the size of the picture before you send it. You'll get a chance to try using this pane in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

Note    When you use the options to reduce the size of the picture, you don't change the size of the original file on your hard disk. Only a copy of the picture that you send is affected. You'll see the changed file size only in the sent or received message.

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