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See what you can do with the Research service

Using the Research pane to translate a word in a document

The Research task pane can even help you with translation.

Perhaps you've opened a document that contains a few words in another language. For example, what does the French word "douanier" mean? Since the word is already in your document, you can simply right-click the word and click Translate on the shortcut menu.

In the Research pane, in the From, box click French (France), and in the To box, click English (U.S.). The result is displayed in the Research pane and tells you that douanier means customs (adjective) or a customs officer (masculine noun).

Bilingual dictionaries on your computer and online translate single words or short phrases; machine translation on the Web can translate an entire document.

Tip     The Research pane stores your searches, up to a maximum of 10, so that you can go back and retrieve the gems you already found. Just click the arrows on the Back button Button image and Forward button Button image.

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