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Navigation know-how

Order of pane selection when you use F6

When you press F6, the focus moves from pane to pane clockwise, in this order:
Callout 1 Slide pane: Nothing special happens to the pane, but when you move clockwise, it always gets the focus first. Text you type will go right into the title placeholder.
Callout 2 Task pane: The title bar turns a selection color.
Callout 3 Notes pane: The pointer blinks in the pane.
Callout 4 Slides tab: The selected thumbnail turns a selection color.

What are some quick ways to move between slides, between placeholders on slides, and among all the panes in Normal view?

To move between slides, you're probably used to clicking a slide thumbnail to display that slide. Or, you might click the double arrows (up or down) Button image on the scroll bar in the slide pane to move to the previous or next slide.

You may not be as familiar with keyboard shortcuts for doing the same things.

  • F6 and SHIFT+F6

Move clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively, from pane to pane around the window. This works across Office programs. (See the picture on the left.)

  • UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys

Scroll the Slides tab, task pane, or notes pane, depending on which has the focus.


Move to the next or previous slide, respectively, when the Slides tab or slide pane has the focus.


Moves to the next placeholder (dotted box) on the slide. If there's no other placeholder, moves to the next slide.

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