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Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail

Add a picture to the signature

Callout 1 Insert a picture.
Callout 2 Make the company name a hyperlink to the company Web site.
Callout 3 Size the columns to get the fit you want.

You can snazz up your signature by inserting a picture, a photo, or clip art — whatever suits your needs. There is a vast clip art gallery available on Office Online. You can also add more contact information, color, text formatting, and hyperlinks. However, keep in mind that if you send messages in Plain Text format, only text in your signature will be sent. Color, formatting, graphics, and hyperlinks will be stripped out. The same is true if the recipient chooses to read the message in Plain Text.

Tip    Pictures, photos, or clip art can slow delivery of e-mail. Keep the file size under 100 KB if possible.

When you finished editing the fancy signature, you would save the file and close Word, and you would then return automatically to Outlook.

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