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Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail

Steps to enter and format text for new signature

How you could choose the look of an e-mail signature while creating it:
Callout 1 Open the Edit Signature dialog box (as shown in the previous section), and then type the text you want.
Callout 2 Click the Font button and then specify font, font style, size, and color.
Callout 3 You'd use the Paragraph button to specify if you want your text aligned left, center, or right.

Continuing the process of creating a signature, after you named it, you would tell Outlook what it says. You would type or paste your text in the Signature text box. If you typed, you'd press ENTER at the end of each line. If you press ENTER at the end of an e-mail address, that address automatically becomes a hyperlink in your signature.

You would then specify a font and how you want the text aligned. Left-aligned is what most recipients will expect, but who knows, you might want your signature centered in the message.

When you were satisfied with your signature, you would click Finish. That's all it takes to get your signature ready for primetime.

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