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Send and receive photos and attachments with confidence

Commands to insert a picture inline with the text of a message and a message with a picture included inline

Fig. 1  To insert a picture and have it appear inline with the text of your message, you would use the Picture command on the Insert menu. Then, you would click From File and select the picture from its location on your computer.
Fig. 2  A message with a picture inserted inline with the text.

When you insert a picture into your message (by using the Picture command on the Insert menu), you add it to the message as an embedded object. That is, it is a part of the message text. Be aware that when you insert the picture this way, people who can't receive HTML or Rich Text messages may not get the picture.

Note The Picture command is only available if you are using Word 2003 as your e-mail editor. See the Quick Reference Card for more information.

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