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Create individual envelopes and labels

The Row and Column boxes in Single label area in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box with arrows pointing to a labels on a sheet with the corresponding row and column position

Print a single label on a sheet by selecting the label position (row and column) in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

Once the label details are in place, it's time to decide how many labels you need. You have two options: either a full page of the same label or a single label.

Full page of the same label     Just click in the Full page of the same label option button. Choose this option if you want a page of identical labels. Also click this option if you are setting up the layout of a whole sheet of labels that will have different information on every label (in the next section you'll see how to enter the information for the labels).

Single label     For a single label, click the Single label option button, then chose where on the sheet you want the label printed (by row and column). This is very useful because you can use up complete sheets, one label at a time, rather than having half-used sheets lying around.

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