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Navigation know-how

Use CTRL+S with All Slides dialog box to navigate

If you don't remember the number of the slide you want to go to, use CTRL+S to find it.
Callout 1 Press CTRL+S to display a list of slides.
Callout 2 Type or select the number of the slide you want to move to.
Callout 3 Press ENTER.

You want to become a keyboarder for this, because these keyboard shortcuts will save you:

  • Slide number+ENTER.

This is a fantastic shortcut, and will take you directly to any slide. However, what if you don't know the slide number? See the next option.

  • CTRL+S, then slide number and ENTER.

It sounds long but it's really easy. Remember CTRL+S and you're good. That combination brings up the All Slides dialog box, which lists slides by number and title. Type your slide number (or use an arrow key to select the slide), and press ENTER.

  • SHIFT + F10, then V.

To jump back to a slide you moved from, press SHIFT+F10, and then V (on the shortcut menu). Or remember CTRL+S. Open the All Slides dialog box, note which slide is shown as Last slide viewed, type its number, and press ENTER.

Mouse and menu

If you feel more comfortable with the mouse, your method is to right-click for the shortcut menu, point to Go to Slide, point to the slide you want, and click. Or you can click Last Viewed on the shortcut menu to return to a slide.

Now you'll try using various shortcuts to move around efficiently in a slide show. For a fuller list of PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, see the Quick Reference Card when you've completed the course.

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