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Navigation know-how

Shortcut menu on a slide in a slide show

The shortcut menu that appears when you right-click the slide. Click Previous to move back one slide.

If you prefer not to use the Slide Show toolbar, another way to move forward and backward is to use the mouse button to advance, and the shortcut menu to reverse.

  • To move forward: Click.
  • To move backward: Right-click and then click Previous on the shortcut menu.

In fact, the shortcut menu has all the options that are also on the Slide Show toolbar. These include commands that take you to a specific slide or end the show.

If you like the menu but don't want the mouse, you can open the shortcut menu with the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F10, which displays shortcut menus in most Office programs. Staying with the keyboard, you'd then click an underlined key on the menu to execute that command. For example, SHIFT+F10 and then G opens the Go to Slide submenu; SHIFT+F10 and then E ends the show.

Reverse with right-click

If you really like the mouse, you can choose to have right-clicking move backward, to the previous slide. (You'll do this in the practice session.) If you do that, you can still open the shortcut menu with SHIFT+F10, or find the same options on the Slide Show toolbar.

Mix and match

What's the best method for you? Whatever you find easiest to do, or to remember.

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