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Commercial printing V: Using Pack and Go in Publisher 2007

Save your packed files to removable media or to your hard drive.

Save your files to the right place.

Discuss with your commercial printer how they want to receive your publication. They may want your publication files on a CD-ROM or USB flash drive. It may also be possible for you to transfer your publication files via the Internet to your commercial printer.

Callout 1 The Pack and Go Wizard targets your CD-ROM drive by default.
Callout 2 To save your files to another type of removable media, such as a USB flash drive, select the second option.
Callout 3 To save your publication files to an external drive, a network, or your computer's hard disk drive, select Other location, click Browse, and then navigate to the location you want. Use this option if your printer has asked you to submit your files via the Internet.
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