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Protect Word documents

Permission dialog box

You can assign different people different types of access to your document. To set additional types of permission, click the More Options button in the Permission dialog box.

In addition to assigning access levels, you can change a person's access level. For example, if you're creating a document to distribute to your team, you might want to customize permissions to suit the various participants. You can also set additional permission options for people who request them. In that case, you would need to change their permissions and resend the document.

After you've assigned the access level for a person, you can set additional permissions.

Note     These options apply to all the people for whom you've authorized permissions.

Click More Options to set any of the following types of permissions:

  • Set an expiration date for the permissions. After the expiration date passes, people can no longer access the document.
  • Grant printing rights to people who have either Read or Change access.
  • Allow people with Read access to copy. You must explicitly assign permission if you want people with read-only access to be able to copy your document.
  • Allow people you've assigned permission to request additional permission options.
  • Require people to connect to the Internet to verify permission credentials.

Note     In all cases, those to whom you have granted permission must connect to the Internet to verify their credentials. If you don't select this option, people can reopen the document offline, as long as they verified their credentials the first time they accessed the document.

  • Allow people with previous versions of Office to read the document by using a browser that supports IRM.
  • Allow people to use programmability features, such as smart tags.
  • Set the current settings as the default for documents with restricted permission.
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