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Reports I: Show off your data

Formatting a heading as bold in Design view

Callout 1 Click the Bold button on the Formatting (Form/Report) toolbar...
Callout 2 format selected text in the report.

If an AutoFormat doesn't give you quite the look you want, you can adapt it by applying custom formatting to your report in Design view. Or if you are creating your report from scratch, you can make format choices as you go along.

You can select the size and appearance of a report's sections and controls. Background colors, borders, and text styles are all yours to choose.

Just select the section or control, and then click the buttons you want on the Formatting (Form/Report) toolbar.

You can also customize the appearance of a control, a section, or the whole report by setting its properties, as you learned earlier in this lesson.

And you can perform calculations in the report controls, such as subtotals and totals. For more information about performing calculations in controls, see the course "Take the controls."

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