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Word 2010 Step by Step Chapters
Article Sample chapters from the best-selling Word 2010 book: Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step, which is a task-based, visual guide for Word 2010. This book is for begi...
Word 2010
Add or delete a table column or row
Article Add rows and columns to a table or delete them.
Word 2010
Delete a table
Article Delete a table or delete the information inside a table.
Word 2010
Wrap text in a table cell
Article Adjust your table rows so that text wraps without disappearing.
Word 2010, Word 2007...
Resize a table, column, or row
Article In Word 2010, resize your table rows or columns manually using your mouse. You can also adjust the column width or row height automatically (AutoFit).
Word 2010
Word 2010 QuickSteps: Chapter 6 Using Tables
Article Chapter 6 from the Office 2010 book: Microsoft Office Word 2010 QuickSteps, which is an illustrated, procedure-based reference for Word 2010.
Word 2010
Use a formula in a Word table
Article Perform calculations or logical operations in a Word table by using formula field codes.
Word 2010, Word 2007
Add captions in Word
Article Show All Hide All A caption is a numbered label, such as Figure 1 , that you can add to a figure, a table, an equation, or another object.  Label that you selec...
Word 2010
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