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Create a TQM flowchart
Article Use the TQM Diagram template to create flowcharts for Total Quality Management projects. Because flowcharts document processes graphically, you can use them ...
Visio 2007
Create an ITIL diagram
Article ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a framework that IT professionals use to identify best practices for their IT service management. An ITIL process is typical...
Visio 2007
Create a cause and effect diagram
Article Cause and effect diagrams document all the factors that contribute to or affect a given situation: all the causes, that is, that lead to a certain effect. They ...
Visio 2007
Create a value stream map
Article Manufacturing companies create value stream maps to identify where there is waste in manufacturing processes, and to help find ways to eliminate that waste.  No...
Visio 2007
Create an EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) diagram
Article EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) diagrams illustrate business process work flows and are an important component of the SAP R/3 modeling concepts for business en...
Visio 2007
Create a fault tree analysis diagram
Article Fault tree analysis diagrams are commonly used to illustrate events that might lead to a failure so the failure can be prevented. Fault tree analysis diagrams a...
Visio 2007
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