Am I running 32-bit or 64-bit Office?

Sometimes when you install something that works with Office you need to know what platform (32-bit or 64-bit) that you’re running. Here’s how to see the platform (and version) you’re using. For more version information, please see What version of Office am I using?

In Office 2013

  1. Open an Office 2013 program.
  2. Click File > Account.
  3. Under Office Updates, you can see the version, but to see both the version and platform, click About program name (like About Word).

Microsoft Word 2013 (15.0.0000.0000) MSO (15.0.0000.0000) 32-bit

In Office 2010

  1. Open an Office 2010 program.
  2. Click File > Help.
  3. Under About Microsoft program, (like About Microsoft Word) the version is listed with the platform, similar to this:

Version: 14.0.0000.0000 (32-bit)

More information

32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) refers to a computer's processor and the set of instructions that can be executed by the processor. This is a shorthand way to refer to the computer's components, also known as the "platform" or "architecture," that directly affects the computer's memory processing capability. For more information on x86 (32-bit) processors and a list of common consumer-targeted processors, see x86 processors.

x64 (64-bit) processors have been used in workstations and servers since the early 1990s. In 2003, they began being used in personal computers. For more information on x64 processors, see x86-64 processors.

Applies to:
Access 2013, Excel 2013, Office 365 Enterprise, Office 365 Enterprise admin, Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Midsize Business admin, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Enterprise, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Enterprise admin, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Midsize Business, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Midsize Business admin, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Small Business, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet - Small Business admin, Office 365 Small Business, Office 365 Small Business admin, OneNote 2013, Outlook 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013, Publisher 2013, Visio 2013, Visio Professional 2013, Word 2013, Access 2010, Excel 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Project 2010, Publisher 2010, Visio 2010, Word 2010