Training for PowerPoint 2013

Training for PowerPoint 2013

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PRODUCTPowerPoint 2013
Are you looking for help on how to use PowerPoint? With this Vodeclic app, all our informative tutorials on this program are just a click away. Use the app's integrated search engine to get an instant solution to your problem, all without leaving your active window.

The PowerPoint 2013 Training app features 109 tutorials on the key PowerPoint 2013 tools and functionalities. They are organized as follows:

Getting to know the application
Saving & manipulating documents
Inserting & editing text
Formatting text
Formatting & shaping your document
Creating a diagram using shapes
Illustrating & enhancing your document
Delivering a slideshow
Working on a document with someone else
Configuring & customizing the application

PowerPoint 2013 is part of the 2013 edition of Microsoft's Office suite and allows user to create and organize their presentations and slide shows. PowerPoint 2013 also features specialized presenter tools and modes to help the user deliver their presentation successfully. In PowerPoint 2013, users can insert text boxes, illustrations - such as images, tables and charts - and even multimedia files. PowerPoint 2013 also comes complete with a number of preset and customizable themes as well as transitions and animations, all of which can be used to change the appearance of the entire presentation or individual slides. PowerPoint 2013 is also optimized for collaborative working: users can send their presentation to colleagues using the integrated email function, leave comments and add annotations to a slide, or store and share their file online.

A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Inserting special characters, Inserting an equation, Using tab stops) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.

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