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Gliffy is a simple but powerful way to create flowcharts and diagrams in minutes, right in your Office document. Its intuitive controls help you transform complex information into attractive graphics that anyone can understand. With Gliffy’s straightforward interface and extensive features, everyone can create the diagrams they need without hassle: • Project managers use Gliffy to illustrate internal processes and workflows, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of team communications. • Business analysts use Gliffy to draft flowcharts, Venn diagrams, and SWOT analyses, making key stakeholder presentations more compelling. • Developers and IT people use Gliffy’s extensive image libraries to create UML diagrams and network diagrams, building consensus even when their teams report in from multiple locations. • UI designers use Gliffy to construct website diagrams, wireframes, and sitemaps, simultaneously improving their documentation and decreasing confusion.

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Gliffy Diagrams
Rating:3 out of 5 stars(10)
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