Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer

Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer

Agito Outlook Meeting Organizer
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PRODUCTOutlook 2013 Outlook Web App
OMO enables easy meeting creation, preparation of meeting materials, task creation and overview of their execution. From email, task and appointment, the user can create meetings with agenda in Outlook calendar simply with »drag – drop«. Such meetings can automatically determine the participants and the necessary materials for the meeting. Through calendar out the same process can be used to create Outlook tasks and events as meeting action items.

OMO supports whole Lifecycle of Meetings and Tasks, connects the whole process in such a way that no task is overlooked. All meetings have agendas, appropriate materials ready to be addressed and meeting action items already assigned at the end of meeting.

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Bussines value:
- Supports “the life cycle of meetings” from creation, establishing an agenda and materials, to execution and task creation within Outlook 2013 or Office 365.
- Received email and task can form agenda and material in a meeting.
- Easy agenda editing in meetings.
- Task creation during meetings.
- Monitoring of task execution.
- The application is designed for Outlook 2013 and Office 365.
- The application can also be used on tablets and mobile phones.

Agito OMO ensures:
- information,
- structured access to information,
- increased productivity,
- automatization of routine tasks,
- increase of data quality, history and traceability,
- monitoring of responsibilities and task realization.