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Share Excel data with others by exporting it to a SharePoint site

Export Table to SharePoint List Wizard

The Export Table to SharePoint List Wizard.

In the Export Table to SharePoint List Wizard:

Callout 1 Type or paste the URL address of your SharePoint site. Remember, you only need everything from before "/default.aspx." So if your URL was http://contoso/default.aspx, the Web address for the list would be http://contoso.
Callout 2 Type a name for the list, for example, Training presentations.
Callout 3 Type a brief description of what the list is for.
Callout 4 Decide whether you want to be able to update the table in Excel with changes made to the SharePoint list later on. If you do, select the Create a read-only connection to the new SharePoint list check box.
Callout 5 Click Next in the dialog box to verify that the types of data in each column are properly recognized (you'll learn more about this in the practice). And then click Finish. Excel automatically exports the table as a list to your SharePoint site.
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