Discover the New Generation of Microsoft Online Services: Office 365

Office 365


What is Office 365?

Many small and medium-sized companies outsource some or all of their IT infrastructure so they can concentrate exclusively on their core business.

Is your company facing strong pressure to cut costs and innovate but you definitely want to continue benefiting from reliable, state-of-the-art IT solutions? If so, we recommend you take a closer look at cloud computing. Cloud computing is the new way to utilize IT resources flexibly and according to your needs, all through centralized data centers. You can obtain the scope of high-availability software and services you want from Microsoft over the Internet.

In 2011, Microsoft introduced Office 365, the second* generation of its cloud computing services. Office 365 brings together the cost benefits of optimized, modern server infrastructure and the familiar Microsoft Office productivity environment, for example letting you use the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server without having to buy or administer a server. Usage is billed on a user basis. You only pay for what you actually use, giving you flexible control over your costs. This can be especially useful if you work on a per-project basis, experience seasonal fluctuations in your workload or the number of employees changes. Office 365 also greatly simplifies collaboration and exchange with external participants in projects. This reduces the hassle of setting up individual access privileges to your infrastructure.

* First generation: Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)

The most important advantages:

Office 365 is practical

Office 365 can be deployed immediately and without in-depth IT expertise, and it is of course compatible with popular Microsoft programs. Your employees don’t need any special training, saving valuable working time that you can invest more productively.

Office 365 is flexible

The services can operate either in mixed mode with your own servers or stand-alone. Data within the services is archived by default. You always use the latest version, automatically and without having to deal with updates.

Office 365 is affordable

You can significantly reduce your IT expenditures because there is no upfront investment or major effort involved in running your own IT operations (servers, electricity and staff) once you have migrated to the cloud.

Office 365 is reliable

Office 365 provides 99.9% availability while guaranteeing the highest possible standard of security. Technical support plans cover service levels up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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What is cloud computing and how can my company benefit from it?

Many small and medium-sized companies outsource some or all of their IT infrastructure so they can concentrate exclusively on their core business.

Office 365 for small organizations

You can purchase and deactivate user licenses flexibly according to your current requirements, for example to manage changing headcounts. No major investment is required; rather, you have ongoing expenses that are easy to plan and budget for. You can also use technologies that were previously reserved for large and medium-sized businesses due to the high investment costs.

Office 365 for medium organizations

Investing in new software and servers means high sunk costs while also incurring maintenance expenses. With Office 365, you always have the latest versions of programs available as monthly subscriptions. You do not incur any expenses for investment, upgrades or maintenance.

You can also stop worrying about seasonal fluctuations or capacity bottlenecks: Microsoft always gives you the computing power you need, any time.

Office 365 for large organizations

Companies with domestic and international operations realize a significant simplification of their IT processes. The multilingual design optimizes communication with colleagues who speak a different language. If you want to bring temporary users (e.g., contract employees) into your operations, you can benefit from monthly billing according to the number of users. The capacities available in cloud computing adjust quickly to your real needs and requirements.

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What is included?

You can deploy individual programs from Microsoft Office 365 exactly according to your needs and integrate them with your own servers. You decide which applications run locally and which are accessed through hosted services.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online provides secure access to e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks in a familiar environment through PCs, mobile devices and browsers over the Internet. The reliable, powerful and familiar functions of Microsoft Exchange Server are available as cloud-based services. Provisioning IT services through the cloud also considerably simplifies IT administration, and data is better protected with enhanced security and reliability features.

Office Professional Plus 2010

With Office Professional Plus, your employees get powerful tools for their work regardless of location and whether they’re using a PC, a mobile device or a Web browser. Office Professional Plus with Office 365 provides a comprehensive, intuitive application environment for continuous online connectivity with your company.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online gives you a central access point in the cloud where your employees can exchange ideas and expertise with team members, develop customized Web sites for team or project work, use resources across the company and find important information more quickly. They also have the ability to invite external users to collaborate on your internal or extranet Web sites.

Lync Online

Lync Online offers your employees modern communication features such as presence information, instant messaging and live video meetings on their PCs. These professional communication capabilities let your employees work more productively and make your business more efficient. With the powerful combination of presence information and instant messaging, you can react to business processes much more flexibly.

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