My movie doesn't play

There are many reasons why your movie file may not play. Below are some things to check. Before trying these, you may want to verify that your movie file is on the list of PowerPoint compatible file formats.

If the movie plays in Windows Media Player, you can insert it as a media clip in your presentation by doing the following:

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Object.

Insert tab image

  1. In the Object type list, click Create from file, and then enter the name of the movie file or click Browse.

 Note   A movie that you play in Office PowerPoint 2007 by using Windows Media Player cannot have animation settings and special timings assigned to it. Instead, you play it by clicking buttons in Windows Media Player.

If Office PowerPoint 2007 won't play your movie file either in Office PowerPoint 2007 or in Windows Media Player, try creating a hyperlink or action button (action button: A ready-made button that you can insert into your presentation and define hyperlinks for.) on your slide and linking to a program that can play the movie file.

  • Your movie file is listed as being compatible with PowerPoint, but your movie still doesn't play correctly.     (See a list of PowerPoint compatible file formats.) Although your movie file may have the same file extension as one listed as being compatible, it may not play correctly if the correct version of the codec (codec: An abbreviation for compressor/decompressor. Software or hardware used to compress and decompress digital media.) is not installed, or if the file has not been encoded in a format recognized by your version of Microsoft Windows. Encoding is the process of converting data into a stream of ones and zeros. Install the correct codec or re-encode the file.
  • Your movie is captioned or subtitled.     Office PowerPoint 2007 cannot play captioned or subtitled movies. To resolve the issue, try creating a hyperlink to the movie.
  • Your movie plays as a white rectangle.    The path name to the linked movie file exceeds 128 characters, and Office PowerPoint 2007 cannot find and play the movie. Move or copy the movie file into the same folder as the presentation, and then delete the movie and add it back to update the link (path information).
  • Your movie plays as a black rectangle.    This often indicates incompatible hardware acceleration. Try turning down your Hardware Acceleration setting, which is found in Control Panel.

If you are using dual monitors (sometimes called multiple monitors), make sure both monitors are set to the same screen resolution in Control Panel, or try to set both monitors to a lower screen resolution.

 Note   If you do not see your problem listed above, you can search the PSS Knowledge Base, post your question to the Microsoft Office Discussion Groups, or find answers from other users in the PowerPoint community.

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Applies to:
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