Create a template from a presentation

Create a template from a presentation

You want to use your presentation as a template, or master, that you and others can update and change as necessary. You’d keep the formatting and text you always want in the presentation, and where new content needs to be added, you could use placeholder text as a guideline for authors. You could include formatting, too, such as the frame style on a picture placeholder, to save other authors’ time and help ensure consistency. Just save your presentation as a template to do all this and more. Note SkyDrive is now OneDrive, and SkyDrive Pro is now OneDrive for Business. Read more about this change at From SkyDrive to OneDrive.

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Create a template from a presentation (3:14)
Create a reusable template by saving a PowerPoint file as a PowerPoint template (.potx).

Customize the design and layouts (5:10)
When you create a presentation you want to save as a template, start with the cleanest file possible, and get your design in place first.

Create slide content and save the template (4:56)
Now it’s time to create the slides that will be part of the template, then click File > Save As, and choose PowerPoint Template (.potx) as the file type.

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