Back up or delete items using AutoArchive

Do any of the following:

ShowSpecify default AutoArchive settings for all Microsoft Outlook folders

AutoArchive is turned on by default. However, you can change its default settings.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Other tab.
  2. Click AutoArchive.
  3. With Run AutoArchive every n days selected, specify how often to run AutoArchive.
  4. Select the options that you want.
  5. To apply the changes to all folders, click Apply these settings to all folders now. This will override custom archive settings that you've specified on individual folders.

 Note   If you change the archive file listed under Move old items to, it's changed for all folders that use the default AutoArchive settings.

ShowSpecify AutoArchive settings for individual folders

  1. On the Go menu, click Folder List, right-click the folder you want to specify settings for, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu.
  2. Click the AutoArchive tab.
  3. Specify whether you want to archive this folder and if so, whether to use the default AutoArchive settings or your own settings.

To archive to a file other than the default one, specify a different file name in the Move old items to box. The next time AutoArchive runs on this folder, Outlook will automatically create the new archive file for items in this folder.

ShowArchive items manually

  1. On the File menu, click Archive.
  2. Specify whether to archive all folders using their AutoArchive settings (that is, either the default settings, or per-folder settings you specified for individual folders) or whether to archive an individual folder using the options you specify in this dialog box.

 Note    To archive to a file other than the default one, specify a different file name in the Archive file box. Outlook automatically creates another archive file for items in the selected folder.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003