Manage user accounts in Office 365

Manage user accounts in Office 365

As an Office 365 admin, you need to perform a variety of tasks to keep your organization running smoothly. Learn how to add users, update user information, and transfer licenses and buy new licenses.

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Add a user with admin permissions (2:58)
Create a new user and assign admin permissions so that others in your organization can help you with admin tasks.

Change or delete and restore users (2:45)
Change user information, delete users, and restore users after they’ve been deleted.

Add an email alias to a user account (2:29)
Assign an email alias to a user account so that a user can receive email from more than one address.

Manage user licenses (3:25)
Remove a license from a user and assign it to another user. Buy more Office 365 licenses.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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