Set up your custom domain in Office 365

Set up your custom domain in Office 365

Set up your own domain name with Office 365 Small Business so your customers and partners can use an easy-to-remember email address to contact you.

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Use custom domains in Office 365 (2:53)
Learn about domain names and how to set up your customized checklist for domain name set up.

Confirm ownership of your custom domain name (2:58)
Help Office 365 verify that you own your custom domain.

Set up Office 365 to work with your website (2:35)
Change your Office 365 account settings so that people can still get to your website after you add your custom domain to Office 365.

Add or change user accounts (3:02)
Set up Office 365 user accounts for people who have email on your domain so that they will keep getting mail after you switch the domain to Office 365.

Change DNS settings at your domain registrar (2:07)
Change your name server records to point to Office 365 name servers. This lets Office 365 automatically set up email and other services for you.

Course summary
A brief reminder of the key points in this course.

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